Marquetry training  04/2009

   The above picture is from a student just taken from the press and is unsanded.  It is about 12 by 14 before framing


There are classes and training in the techniques of Marquetry.  This includes the different cutting methods used in wood veneering.  The most often used cutting method is with the fret saw, either by free hand or a hand-powered scroll saw custom built just for this purpose.  This is not a class on art specifically but the items that must be considered when using a photo or a free hand picture of some type to do in Marquetry.

The details are: 1.The maximum number of people is 2. The techniques used during cutting require almost one-on-one training.

                        2.The training and cutting the first picture takes between 4 and 5 hours.  At the end of the class, you will    have a picture ready to glue up.  The class can be held over several days, if needed.

                        3.The gluing can be done in the studio or taken home after instructions on gluing.  After gluing, the sanding

                            and finishing can be done at home.

                        3. Every method required for any picture is taught and used in the class picture.  People wishing to continue

                            on their own are provided a sheet detailing the suppliers.   

                        4. Additional Marquetry pictures (patterns) for beginners are avaible from the Chapter or the national society.

                        5. Methods for inlaying jewerely and other boxes are also covered.

                        6. Scroll saws and knife work will be touched on.

Cost $50.00-  The chapter provides everything needed for the class picture: the veneers, pattern, hand held fret saw, tape

                 and glue. If you are not interested in continuing at this time, you have a limited investment and the picture you have completed.


                       A packet of suppliers is provided during the class for your information and a check list to help remind you of the methods used during the class.  Also, several different levels of pictures are provided to get started.

 Above is the class picture from a student.  Every picture is somewhat different, reflecting each person's view.  Even 2 students at the same time will create a different version of the same general picture. 

Dates  -   Classes are held as needed.  The weekends work better for some and weekdays for others.

          E-mail a request to for more information.  A date may be set either by mail or phone.