The chapter and its members take part in different events to display their marquetry, attract attention to this seldom seen art form, and bring new people into it  The year has yet to be fully defined where we will be, but:

This 27 by 24 marquetry picture is titled 'dreams and Wishes'.

 February 22,2015, a Marquetry and Ikebana demonstration 8602 Bridgeport Way sw, Lakewood WA, 10AM,done

Late winter 2015, Marquetry demonstration, Rockler, Seattle, WA, more to follow

September 12 and 13, 10 am to 4 pm; 2015, Aki Matsuri, Bellevue College, WA, done

March 28,2015,Woodcraft, Spokane WA, 1 PM, 212 north Sullivan RD. done

Woodcraft of Boise, 7005 W Overland road; a live demo, starting at 7;30 pm, June 10th, Wed.done

A possible tour through Idaho, Utah and Nevada in the summer of 2015, more to come

Here are a few new Marquetry pictures for 2015. The banner picture at the top of the page is the same young lady before and after dressing for the Matsuri; it is titled Dreams and Wishes.