The above girl is not framed nor finished. The photo was taken at a Aki Matsuri, the picture has been finished below.


This page will provide pictures you may down load and change any way you wish in your marquetry project.  Most are small with few pieces to cut.  The are #1, 2, 3 and each will increase your skill at cutting and deciding the woods that will look best.  I have made several of these with different woods, some I like, others?


You may use the pad cutting method on all, while the #2 flower can also use the window method.  That is where you select the entire background first, draw the picture on the veneer and cut a single piece out, then fill the hole with a piece behind the window, trace and cut.  You can see the wood grain much better this way and the fit is slightly better.

 The #1 mountain scene is about 10 by 12 to 12 by 14.  The flower is good at 9 by 9, the butterflies can be any size you need to fit on a picture.  I assemble the butterfly out side the picture, making in just a little bigger than I want.  Tape the butterfly where you want it on the picture and then cut it the final size.  It will fit into the picture perfectly. 

  The same goes for the tree on #1 picture, outline the tree on your veneer, tape it on the completed picture and cut it. 

The picture with 4 flowers behind a rock and a different type of flower head can be sized from 8 by 8 to 16 by 16 with or without butterflies of any size and number.  The number and size of the flowers can be changed to fit any need.