The young lady above was at the 2011 Matsuri and kind enough have her photo taken and then done in Marquetry.


The following shows and events were attend by members of the Chapter in 2010. This page was replaced with separate yearly pages.

         EVENT                          DATES                                 LOCATION

   Idaho artisty in wood          Feb 27,28                              Boise ID

   Unclad show                      March 13 - 28                         Standwood WA

   Art show                           March 26-28                           Woodenville WA

   Art opening                       April 7                                   Renton WA

   Art gallery                         April 1- 30                             Richland WA

   Art walk                            April 14 - 15                           Seattle  WA

   Kent City art                      June 5 - Aug 30                     Kent WA     

   Shoreline art                      June 26-27                            Shoreline WA

   Covington art                     July 15-18                             Covington WA

   Renton art                         July 23-25                             Renton WA

   Lake Forest Park Gallery       July 7 - Aug 29                      Lake forest park WA

   Aki Matsuri                          Sept 11-12                            Bellevue WA

   Wood worker event             Oct 1 -3                                Seattle, Woodcrafts