The chapter and its members take part in different events to display their marquetry, attract attention to this seldom seen art form, and bring new people into it  The year has yet to be fully define where we will be, but:

Reno, NV;  McKinley Art Center,925 Riverside DR.  Nov 2013 - Jan 2014,    over

Auburn WA. art walk, down town, May 9th; 5 to 9 PM, one day only           over 

TEJAS Gallery,  341 S. Jefferson St.  Dayton Ohio 45402,  May 2-31.           over

Auburn 4th of July, one day in the park                                                     over

Foster Tanner Fine Art Gallery, 1630 Pinder Street, Tallahassee, Fl.;  Sept 5 - Sept 26, Over

Aki Matsuri    Bellevue College WA  Sept 6,7 Sat. and Sunday    9 to 5; 10 to 4. Over