The picture in the heading is a project in work.  It is the Girl (Lady) on a Taiko Drum, less everything else.  The Marquetry picture will be about 16 by 20 inches.  She is about 11 by 11 inches.

  The final picture is below, 16 by 22, with luck she will sign the picture.


We thought it would be easier to place someones entire collection of Marquetry on the web as word documents with thumb nail pictures.  If a larger view was wanted an e-mail could get more information and a much larger picture.



There are 4 files broken into a General, Ikebana (flowers) and Japanese related pictures.






Ikebana,album2.doc Ikebana,album2.doc
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Type : doc
photo,general,album2.doc photo,general,album2.doc
Size : 828.5 Kb
Type : doc
photo,general,album1.doc photo,general,album1.doc
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Type : doc
photo,japanesel,album.doc photo,japanesel,album.doc
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