Marquetry Exhibition and Demonstration 


You have the opportunity for a free exhibition and/or demonstartion at your location, be it a church, club or home.  There is no obligation, and the pictures are not for sale.

Enjoy an hour or so viewing the rare and unusual art known as Marquetry.  Discuss with the artist the art form and its unique requirements.

The setup requires only room for several floor standing easels and several 6-foot tables to display the smaller pieces.  The tools and materials are available to handle and discuss.

Marquetry has been described by some viewers as, "unbelievable" and "fabulous", leading some to say, "I am speechless" and "how is that possible?"


An actual demonstartion of the techniques used to saw and join the wood veneers can be given.  This takes no more additional room nor much more time.

For more information or to schedule a viewing, contact the Chapter at


The picture below is about 2 feet square and titled Lantern Girl.  The deeply colored wood is dyed completelty through and available in France. 

This picture was hand sawn with the fret saws pictured above.  One has a 12 inch throat and the other is 18 inches. The time required for this picture was about 6 months.

There are many features to this pictures not apparent to the western culture. The open neck, the hand position, the most unusual is the almost misplaced foot ware, implying a bare foot