Welcome to the Puget Sound Marquetry Chapter for the Puget Sound area and the whole of Western/Eastern Washington. 

The closest other chapter is in the Potland/Vancouver area.


Marquetry is an art form that uses only natural and dyed wood veneers for its presentation.  It is a little known art form in America, but it is hundreds of years old as practiced elsewhere.  In the United Kingdom and on the Eurpoean Continent, it is considered a "Fine art" and is practiced extensively.

    Every Marquetry picture is truly one of a kind.  Beginning with the infinite stresses placed on a growing tree to the final slicing of the wood into veneers, each piece of veneer will never be duplicated again.


The award winning art work of marquetry is shown in the 2 pictures on this page.

   The above picture is titled "Lovers".  It is about 24 inches square and required almost 6 months to complete.
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The Puget Sound Marquetry Chapter was formed to develop the art of Marquetry and make it more available to the general public.  It does this by giving demonstartions, classes, and attending art shows.  This picture is about 22 by 24 inches of 2 little girls at a recent Aki Matsuri.  It is titled "East meets West."  It is composed of only wood veneers with no paint used at all.
Marquetry has sometimes been called painting with wood.  The wood veneers are very thin and cut with a hand-held fret saw or medical scalpel.
The chapter holds regular meetings and issues a free monthly newsletter which is on the site.  For more information, send an email  to deh2@uw.edu
The Puget Sound Marquetry Chapter is part of The American Marquetry Society, a national organization run by volunteers.  It has a quarterly newsletter and anyone interested may join.  Its web site is www.americanmarquetrysociety.com
The 3td picture titled water fall is about 24 by24