The above picture show a sample of veneers at a member's studio.  Most are rolled when buying from a local supplier or by the sheet or leaf.  Some will cut to about 30 inches long and send in a box.

                                                                Marquetry Supplies


While the supplies are few, there maybe even fewer sources that are usually close by.  This maybe the best use of the internet for the basic items.

   Chapter members pass around veneers for a special picture.  Usually the right piece can be found in someone's inventory.  Some have a rather large inventory after years of buying.


But the selection of veneers is a tough job from a computer screen.  It is hard to tell the grain and shimmer, even with a lot of standard words.  These are the people we have done business with and had good luck with.

   fret saws and jeweler's blades  -, KY

                                                   - a better source was found, // half price?? 

   veneers   -, 100 foot random packs $50, plus all you will ever need, NY

   veneers  -  Edensaw veeners, Tacoma, wa.  here you can handle the veneers before you buy, great people.

   color veneers  -   B&B

  general items  and veneers  -  Woodcraft stores, either local or web

                                           -,  has everything and some things you might not even thought of

Most people have the non-hole veneer tape, it comes in different widths and thickness.


Need electric motors (big or small)  DHM, 7800 7th south Seattle, 206-624-5294, good people


The other items like clamps, exacto knife, etc are usually a local item at any store.


The glue we use is Weldwood Plastic resin powder glue.  I mix it a little thicker than the 'can' say to get more body in the glue, thus less water.  But try several samples before using it on a 'real' picture.  Also, I glue up an 'new ' veneer I have never used to see how it goes.  Never yellow liquid glue on a picture, sheet gluing seems to work well using it  But this is a matter of choice.


Color venners are usually hard to find and will cost more than $5.00 a foot.  Again the need is usually small for color so the members can usually find a piece to part with.

The chapter members may get a large order together for a discount, sometimes.  

The picture below shows some dyed veneer from France, one of the few placing still doing small coloring batches.  Several different greens, blues, reds and yellows.  Woodcratfs has a better selection in colors but they cost.