The Puget Sound Marquetry Chapter is part of the American Marquetry Society which is a national organization.  It has members all over the USA and other countries. 

   The local chapter was re-formed in 2008 to promote Marquetry in the Puget Sound and currently has no dues.


         Puget Sound Marquetry is a meeting place for Marquetry enthusiasts to:

                     share ideas and techniques

                     exchange tools and woods

                     receive training

                     show off their work

                     prepare for upcoming events


      It is also a meeting place for wood workers and artists.  Both have insights that are useful to Marquetry, which may also assist them in their activities.


  The membership has over 100 years of marquetry experience and over 200 years of general wood working experience.  They are also members of the following organizations.

    The American Marquetry Society

    The United Kingdom Marquetry Society 

    The Canadian Marquetry Society

    The Northwest Woodworkers Guild

    The Evergreen Woodworkers Guild

    The Mercer Island Group of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana Of Japan




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This and the above picture is another set from a member.
This flower and bird used a combination of techniques to cut and finish the pictures. They are about 20 by 20 inches when framed.
They also used a method called sand shading where the wood is treated with heat to darken it for effect.